What Comes First – Land or House?

The size of the home you want to build may determine which property you purchase.

Although you may find an ideal piece of property, the “building envelope” or the area where construction is allowed may be limited due to steep slopes, streams, or mandated forest retention areas. Always consult with a knowledgeable contractor before purchasing a lot. The builder’s expertise on site preparation costs may provide valuable information to negotiate a lower selling price for the lot.

A builder can recommend the best orientation of the home to take advantage of the sun, views, topography and placement for best presentation as you approach from the road. In addition, he can tell you if a walk out basement is possible or if gravity flow plumbing from the basement level will work. Most important, he can make you aware of any hidden costs that may be associated with the lot.

Finally, if you have a solid idea of the style and size of the home, an experienced builder can roughly estimate the cost to build the home. Add this estimate to the cost of the lot to be certain that the total does not exceed your budget. You can avoid buying a lot that will not accommodate your house or spending so much on a lot that you don’t have enough funds to build the home you desire.